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2/19/08 04:02 pm

Zach is on the radio right now, 4:00 to 4:30 Eastern, I think!

    EDIT: Zach is interviewing somebody first, then they will interview him. So I' think his interview will start soon--maybe at 4:30?


5/14/07 11:57 pm

I think that everyone should make one of these and post them.

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit Lollapalooza.com

3/12/07 11:03 am

So I'm doing a reading tonight at Larry's bar with Natalie Shapero and Kathy Fagan. Instead of reading poems, I might do a ten-minute rendition of Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb" accapella. Or maybe not. I'm thinking over my options.

3/7/07 02:09 pm - Publication

I've got a poem up at Juked. It's the fabulous female Stirring editors Juked page! Check out Erin E's (Stirring's editor) poem too.

1/14/07 10:22 pm

Has anybody seen the movies Volver or Babel? Has anybody seen both? Would you like to strongly recommend or discourage us from seeing either of these movies tomorrow?

1/6/07 11:56 am - poems

You can hear me reading my two poems in the winter issue of Pebble Lake Review on their website. My voice is sort of cheesy. Anyways, I like PLR's poetry choices & recommend their journal.

I'm working on a Christmas update as we speak (not that we are actually speaking). It will include pictures!!

I feel much better, though I'm still coughing up junk.

12/7/06 12:04 pm - 21 Stars Review

Hello all!

The third issue of 21 Stars Review is up! Featuring work by Shane Allison, John Steven Cummins, Martha Deed, Doug Draime, Ricky Garni, Carrie Grinstead, Frank Haberle, Donald Illich, Halvard Johnson, Nathan Klose, Andrew Lundwall and Sheila Murphy, AE Reiff, and Lori Scoby

10/31/06 11:04 pm

For all of my knitter lj friends: Save the Children's Caps to the Capital.

9/26/06 11:30 pm

Ya'll should request a copy of "I Wasn't There When it Happened" by Chris Wells & made by Mandypoet. This chapbook is free & funny & interesting & gorgeous looking. See amanda's lj-post for info.
I think there are only fifty available, so you should get one while they last! I'm telling you, they are cute. I might take a picture of one tomorrow just so you will melt with their adorableness.

9/18/06 03:52 pm - Zoo animals from yesterday

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